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Public Storage CEO and CFO Succession Commences


Public Storage recently revealed that Joe Russell and Tom Boyle will commence serving as Chief Executive Officer and Chief Mr. Russell, who has served as President since 2016, will also join the Board of Trustees. He was previously affiliated with the company as President and CEO of PS Business Parks, Inc. since 2002.

Boyle has served as Chief Financial Officer of Operations since 2016 after working with Public Storage as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley for over a decade.

Ron Havner, the company’s Chief Executive Officer since 2002 and officer since 1986, will remain as Chairman of the Board. John Reyes, the company’s Chief Financial Officer since 1996 and officer since 1990, will join the Board.

“Joe and Tom joined Public Storage having demonstrated consistent success and impeccable character throughout their careers. Their management, fresh ideas and new strategies have garnered the trust and respect of the Public Storage team. The company and its shareholders will be well-served by Joe and Tom’s leadership moving forward,” said Mr. Havner.

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