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MPT Hits “Milestones and Records” in 2018


For 2018, MPT achieved a total shareholder return of more than 25% compared to a negative 4.5% for the MSCI US REIT Index. So said Edward Aldag Jr., chairman, president and CEO of the company on the REIT’s Q4 earnings call. “Our two-year total shareholder return was more than 50% compared to the SNL US REIT Healthcare Index of 6% and less than 0.5% for the MSCI US REIT index,” he said.

For the 10-year total shareholder return, MPT ranks number one for all health care REITs with a 445% return, he noted, which was more than 2.5 times that of the SNL US REIT Healthcare Index, according to Aldag Jr.

During 2018, MPT had another year of milestones and records, he continued. “We once again saw the value of our portfolio validated through multiple and exciting transactions, including our highly valued joint venture in Germany with the Primonial Group, the successful buyout of our equity ownership in Ernest Health and several other profitable exits such as the sale of North Cypress Medical Center to HCA.”

These and other 2018 transactions, he said, “provided record proceeds of $1.5 billion of which more than $500 million of those proceeds were over and above our original investment.”

The proceeds were used to reduce debt and to put MPT in “prime position for accretive capital deployment in 2019 like that of the transaction in Australia we just announced.”

He also noted that the company was “pleased to kick-off 2019 with our announcement last week of our agreement to acquire 11 Australian hospitals from Healthscope. Since our inception, Australia was a location with which we have targeted for growth.”

He adds that “Like other European countries where we have expanded into Australia has a health care system that is similar to the United States. Health care in Australia is among the best in the world and we are delighted to add these quality Healthscope assets to our portfolio. We have been watching and analyzing the Healthscope assets for more than 10 years now.”

He explains that MPT has never been in a stronger position than the present. “As we continue to grow in size and reputation as the global leader in hospital real estate and the industry’s pre-eminent source of capital. We are actively engaged in billions of dollars of domestic and international acquisitions with more opportunities coming our way.”