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Healthcare Trust of America Talks Integrated Outpatient Experience Future


Healthcare Trust of America’s third quarter earnings conference call revealed that the REIT has positioned itself to be the sector leader in the ownership and operation of medical office buildings. According to CEO Scott Peters, “with an irreplaceable key market focused portfolio, a fully integrated, full service operating platform and a fortress investment grade balance sheet that positions our company to deliver earnings growth and shareholder returns over the next three years to five years.”

He talked about HTA’s view of trends in healthcare that reflect a move to an integrated outpatient experience. “This delivery will take place in three settings. One, on-campus where we are the largest owner of MOBs in the country. Two, off-campus in the community locations where all leading healthcare providers are focusing. And three, in academic university healthcare system locations, where academic and healthcare combinations are critical.”

He explained on the Q3 earnings call that the company’s portfolio composition over the last 12 years has referred to those trends and a critical nature of this real estate, where the best assets in each location demonstrate high levels of tenant retention and rental growth opportunities. “Our portfolio and investment strategy has reflected these key trends and HTA has targeted key fast growing market that we believe will outperform the rest of the country.”

He adds that the company’s “targeted market approach also allows us to create size and scaling markets, with 15 markets with over 500,000 square feet and nine markets with approximately 1 million square feet or more square feet. This scale allows us to effectively create a deeper and strategic local operating platform with relationships and operating capabilities. This market focus is a key pillar of our growth strategy going forward.”