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Blockchain-Based REIT for Investors Merges With StraightUp for International Gain


StraightUp, an innovative real estate-focused platform giving investors access to previously unavailable development opportunities, recently revealed a merger with Slice, the first blockchain-based REIT for investors around the world. The merger will disrupt the real estate investing space, providing increased transparency and liquidity backed by secure blockchain technology and the tokenization of securities, opening new doors for international investors interested in prime U.S. real estate, according to a prepared statement.

StraightUp was designed to democratize access to previously unattainable high-potential investment opportunities in New York City. As a result of merging with Slice, the new and improved platform will give international investors access to premium equity opportunities in desirable cities across the country, including New York City, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Slice’s secure blockchain-powered platform allows foreign investors to immediately own equity in developments, providing a layer of security and trust that has been missing from the real estate investment space until now, the release says.

“Our goal at StraightUp was always to increase access to the real estate investment market for those who are not well-connected or the super-rich elite,” said Omer Amsel, co-founder and COO at StraightUp. “By merging with Slice, we now have access to their innovative technology and international investors, giving us the resources we need to further democratize real estate investments while maintaining our core value: transparency. We believe the future of real estate investing is rooted in a combination of new development and new technology, which is precisely what our merger with Slice brings to the market.”

To support Slice’s mission to make investing in small amounts both easy and affordable – which perfectly aligns with StraightUp’s core goal – Slice uses blockchain-powered tokens, which can be purchased by either fiat or cryptocurrency, to represent stakes in an investor’s real estate portfolio. By tokenizing assets, investors can easily identify the properties backing their investment, prove their ownership, receive returns in real-time, and freely exchange ownership with others on the blockchain.

“At Slice, we leverage innovative blockchain technology and the tokenization of securities to advance the state of real estate investing, a longstanding and classic investment option. Our vision is to be the largest issuer of real-estate backed compliant security tokens. We also prioritize working with regulators across all jurisdictions, ensuring our platform always offers top-notch security and compliance,” said Ari Shpanya of Slice. “Our merger with StraightUp will result in never-before-seen access, transparency and liquidity for investors thanks to the perfect combination of our groundbreaking technology and StraightUp’s core real estate-focused platform and values.”