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Ventas Inc. Is Ready to Pivot to Growth in 2020


On Ventas Inc.’s Q2 earnings call, CEO Debra Cafaro talked about a commitment to growth in 2020 and emphasized how well-positioned the REIT is to deliver superior total return in the coming years. “I’m very pleased to report another solid quarter of normalized FFO, $0.97 per share resulting from property growth and excellence in our office business. Building on our strong momentum, we are also delighted to increase our full-year guidance to $3.80 to $3.86 per share, an increase of $0.03 at the midpoint from our prior range.”

According to Cafaro, the company strives to combine a high-quality diverse portfolio benefiting from strong demographic demand with industry-leading growing partners in all verticals and lets “collaborative and experienced team get after it.”

She pointed out that the goal is “to produce consistent growing cash flow and superior returns on a strong balance sheet. The enduring Ventas advantage has enabled us to outperform and deliver 23% compound annual return for 20 years through multiple cycle.”

She explains that the REIT is ready to pivot to growth in 2020. “We have identified for building blocks that underpin our confidence in Ventas’ future growth and success. These are, core portfolio performance, the powerful upside in senior housing, meaningful accretive external investments, and contribution from our exciting research and innovation business as we build urban and lease up our near-term development pipeline.”