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Two Harbors Investment Corp. To Acquire CYS Investments Inc.


Two Harbors Investment Corp., a leading hybrid mortgage real estate investment trust, and CYS Investments Inc., an agency mortgage REIT, recently entered into a definitive merger agreement under which Two Harbors will acquire CYS.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of CYS Investments, which we believe represents a unique opportunity to create value for our stockholders,” explained Thomas Siering, Two Harbors’ President and Chief Executive Officer, in a prepared statement. “This transaction offers Two Harbors stockholders the opportunity to benefit from additional capital, supporting continued growth in our target assets, as well as an improved cost structure. The combination of the two companies also supports the potential for the premium valuation of a pro forma Two Harbors.”

In connection with the merger, CYS stockholders will exchange their shares of CYS common stock for newly issued shares of Two Harbors common stock as well as aggregate cash consideration of $15,000,000. The number of Two Harbors shares issued will be based on an exchange ratio to be determined by dividing 96.75% of CYS’ adjusted book value per share by 94.20% of Two Harbors’ adjusted book value per share.

Anticipated Benefits to Two Harbors Stockholders from the Merger

Additional capital supports continued growth in target assets: A larger capital base will support the continued growth across Two Harbors’ target assets, and positions Two Harbors to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise.

Improved cost structure: Expect that the combination of Two Harbors and CYS will create cost efficiencies and decrease Two Harbors’ other operating expense ratio by 30 to 40 basis points. Additionally PRCM Advisers’ agreement to reduce its base management fee on the new CYS equity will further enhance operating cost efficiencies in the year following the close of the transaction.

Expect to maintain $0.47 per share quarterly dividend: Following the close of the transaction, Two Harbors anticipates that its current quarterly dividend of $0.47 will be sustainable through 2018, subject to market conditions and the discretion and approval of Two Harbors’ Board of Directors.

Enhanced scale and liquidity with potential for premium valuation: With a pro forma equity base of nearly $5.0 billion, Two Harbors stockholders will benefit from the scale, liquidity and capital alternatives of a larger combined company. Additionally, larger capitalized mortgage REITs have historically carried premium valuations.

Anticipate improved Agency spreads in 2018: If so, Two Harbors believes this deal will be accretive to earnings and endorses the capital raising attendant to this transaction.

Anticipated Benefits to CYS Stockholders from the Merger

Enhanced scale and liquidity: CYS stockholders will benefit from increased operating scale, liquidity and capital alternatives available to a larger combined company.

Meaningful premium to CYS stockholders: Based on March 31, 2018 adjusted book values per share, CYS stockholders would receive $7.79 of combined cash and stock consideration per share of CYS common stock, which represents a premium of approximately 17.7% over the CYS closing price per share on April 25, 2018.

Benefit from a more diversified business model: Two Harbors’ hybrid business model is positioned to withstand periods of market volatility and is comprised of a mix of asset classes and a platform that is challenging to replicate. Two Harbors’ portfolio includes a Rates strategy comprised of Agency RMBS paired with mortgage servicing rights (“MSR”), and a Credit strategy, comprised primarily of deeply discounted, legacy non-Agency RMBS.

Strong stewards of capital: Two Harbors has a history of being strong stewards of its stockholders’ capital. Since 2009, Two Harbors has outperformed its peer group and has grown its book value with less volatility. Additionally, Two Harbors has a stock repurchase program in place to support its stock.