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MC Digital Realty To Acquire Additional Land In Tokyo To Develop Connected Campus


Digital Realty has signed an agreement to acquire an additional plot of land in Tokyo. MC Digital Realty expects to close on the acquisition in the first quarter of 2020.

According to a prepared release, the new site is strategically located in Greater Tokyo’s Inzai data center cluster, in close proximity to the five-acre parcel MC Digital Realty acquired earlier this year, likewise located in the Inzai data center cluster and expected to support the development of a 38-megawatt facility.

Under MC Digital Realty’s Tokyo Connected Campus @ Inzai development roadmap, the first building to be constructed on the new land parcel will be a 36-megawatt facility, followed by a 30-megawatt facility and an 18-megawatt facility, each subject to customer demand. The two parcels will be combined to construct a connected campus, expected to deliver more than 120 megawatts of total IT capacity for global and regional customers. The combination of the two parcels further solidifies MC Digital Realty’s presence in the Inzai data center cluster, one of the highest density areas in Japan, with well-established utility and connectivity infrastructure and home to many leading global cloud providers and financial institutions.

“Japan is a high-priority market for our customers, and we’re excited to be expanding our footprint in the country,” said Digital Realty Chief Executive Officer A. William Stein.  “The acquisition of additional land in Tokyo will not only enable us to meet the region’s growth in cloud adoption and need for low-latency infrastructure for new technologies such as AI and 5G but will also bring the benefits of our connected campus model to accelerate the business growth of our local customers.”

“Tokyo is home to a number of leading local and international organizations and remains one of the key data center markets within the Asia Pacific region and around the world,” added Mark Smith, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Digital Realty.  “We look forward to strengthening our presence in Tokyo to further serve Japan’s growing digital economy.”