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Digital Realty Demonstrates Strength of Globally Diversified Portfolio


The durability of Digital Realty’s global platform was on full display in the second quarter of 2019 according to CEO William Stein on the firm’s Q2 earnings call. “Our team was incredibly productive over the past 90 days. We delivered the third highest bookings in the company’s history.”

Demonstrating the strength of our globally diversified portfolio, the company also signed the second highest volume of interconnection bookings as well as renewal leasing and expanded its colocation offering into the Asia-Pacific region with a multi-market new transaction and customer expansion.

“We also landed an all-time high number of new logos this quarter, an encouraging indication, our efforts to penetrate enterprise demand are bearing fruit and a promising sign for future interconnection revenue growth prospects,” he said.

He noted that the firm “further extended our global platform during the second quarter and we took steps to secure our supply chain with several strategic land acquisitions. We closed on three smaller strategic land parcels in Northern Virginia to further physically connect our market leading campus footprint. We also re-entered Paris with new capacity based on significant verified customer demand.”

He pointed out that the REIT is also continuing to build upon its industry-leading commitment to sustainability with the publication of its inaugural ESG report and we were officially named an ENERGY STAR partner.

The company is also continuing to invest in human capital with several key hires.