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Digital Realty Command Center Ensures Resilient Foundations for Customer Success


San Francisco-based Digital Realty has opened a new, state-of-the-art Global Operations Command Center in Clifton, NJ.  The center is designed to optimize the customer experience, providing unmatched stability and rapid response capabilities while removing risk from future deployments.

According to a prepared release, the command center builds on Digital Realty’s world-class service, user experience and operational excellence, as evidenced by the company’s track record of 11 consecutive years with “five nines” (99.999%) of uptime.

“Digital Realty designed the recently expanded Global Operations Command Center to ensure our customers’ success and enhance the resiliency of their data center operations,” said Erich Sanchack, Digital Realty Executive Vice President, Operations.  “The command center enables customers to rapidly adapt to changing technologies and to better utilize the right tools to correlate events, automate certain tasks and provide visibility into network health.  Our notifications capabilities, for instance, allow customers to strategically allocate resources for routine and event-driven maintenance across their global footprints.  This helps ensure data center availability and safeguards our customers’ digital capital to make growing their businesses easier than ever before.”

Staff at the new facility continuously monitor and manage the health and performance of Digital Realty’s 198 global data centers, providing centralized network and infrastructure monitoring, product support, event management and security.  Centralized incident management and established escalation protocol provide consistent, portfolio-wide messaging.  The command center also enables advanced communications coordination and standardization for major events and escalated threat conditions for effective regional readiness.  Digital Realty staff at all facilities are kept apprised of weather changes and other events through real-time updates and closely monitor developments to fully understand their impact on local environmental and municipal services.

Additional features of the Digital Realty Global Operations Command Center include: 

  • Round-the-clock monitoring of portfolio-wide data center status
  • High-performance analytics tools for measurable service assurance to avoid performance degradation and bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Real-time weather and threat monitoring
  • Critical resource mobilization for site event support (engineers, temporary generators, fuel tracking)
  • Recurring wellness checks during extended threat or severe weather events
  • Round-the-clock network connectivity systems monitoring and support

“Digital Realty is steadfastly committed to providing our customers the highest quality global data center support,” said Mark Reynolds, Vice President, Global Customer Operations at Digital Realty.  “The launch of our new, state-of-the-art, 24/7 Global Operations Command Center reflects our commitment to enabling customer success with unparalleled responsiveness and agility.  We look forward to supporting our global customer base with this strategic business resource and further assisting the operation of their mission-critical business applications.”